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First of it kind in Telangana &  Andhra Pradesh at RAMESH LASIK AND LASER CENTRE. ReLEx SMILE (Refractive Lenticule Extraction, SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a minimally invasive approach with advantage of 100% bladeless form of laser eye surgery which does not require the cornea to be ‘flapped’. SMILE is a relatively new refractive procedure designed to treat Myopia (Short sight) and Astigmatism. ReLEx SMILE is flapless, painless, bladeless procedure fully computer operated using a femtosecond laser. The ReLEx SMILE technique is performed using the highly precise advanced VisuMax femtosecond laser from Carl Zeiss AG, Germany. The SMILE procedure is the 3rd generation of laser vision correction after PRK and LASIK Eye Surgery.

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Blade Free Lasik

The is a 100% Blade-free technique to create the corneal flap. The creation of the corneal flap prepares the eye for the second step of the LASIK procedure where an excimer laser is used on the cornea to correct vision. 

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Lasik is a very popular treatment available for the past two decades. Millions and millions of people had benefited and regained glass free vision. iLASIK is the first vision correction procedure to be 100% customised to the unique characteristics of each eye. iLASIK is the only laser eye surgery approved by NASA and trusted by all branches of the US military.

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LASER/E-LASIK (Laser Subepithelial keratomileusis): For patients with thin corneas and for patients involved in contact sports this is the preferred mode of surgery. Here instead of the microkeratome for fashioning the flap, alcohol is used to peel the epithelium, and laser is applied to the superficial part of the cornea.

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It is a Corneal Collagen Cross-linking with Riboflavin. Ultraviolet light is used to promote increased cross-linking between collagen fibres within the cornea (the front transparent structure of the eye). Increasing the amount of cross-linking results in increased strength or rigidity of the cornea.



It is a novel surgery where an artificial lens is positioned over the natural lens so that the refractive error is corrected. Those who are not fit for LASIK / INTRALASE / EPILASIK can undergo this procedure.

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INTACS is the trademark name for micro-thin prescription inserts which were previously used as a form of refractive surgery in the treatment of low levels of myopia or nearsightedness, but have recently received FDA approval for keratoconus.

PRESBYMAX Correction

To get rid of reading glasses.

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Lasik Overview

LASIK is an outpatient surgical procedure for the correction of refractive errors in the eye (Myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism). Excimer laser is used to change the curvature of the corea to improve the ray of light to focus on the retina. Excimer laser is a cool laser i.e it does not generate heat in the cornea. The laser energy destroys the intermolecular bonds in the corneal tissue resulting in tissue removal.

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