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Contact lens intolerance.

Cosmetic reasons social (Marriage).

Tried of wearing glasses.

Lifestyle activities that are inhibited due to glasses or lens wear.

Outdoor sports like golf, football, water sports or hiking.

In some carrier such as merchant Navy and Air force it is a requirement to have 20/20 or 6/6 vision.

Get rid of reading (Presbymax)

Eligibility : Should be over 18years of age with stable refraction for at least a year but should not be pregnant.









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Lasik Overview

LASIK is an outpatient surgical procedure for the correction of refractive errors in the eye (Myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism). Excimer laser is used to change the curvature of the corea to improve the ray of light to focus on the retina. Excimer laser is a cool laser i.e it does not generate heat in the cornea. The laser energy destroys the intermolecular bonds in the corneal tissue resulting in tissue removal.

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